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Bill Putnam - A Family Man Who Protected His Family

Bill Putnam was 28 when he wisely chose to purchase his first life insurance policy. He taught surfing and other watersports for a living and was in exceptional shape. He was recently engaged and wanted to ensure that his family was protected. Sixteen years later, Bill bought more life insurance when the family grew with the addition of two kids. Bill's planning was critical when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Bill died on his 49th birthday, but his wife and kids remained financially secure because of his prudent planning.

Karen and Tom Johnson - with family

"I couldn't have been more amazed and pleased with the exceptional service provided by Life Insurance Protect! What an incredible and relieving approach towards obtaining life insurance with absolutely no pressure, straightforward advice and information. We highly recommend that anyone and everyone seeking advice on all matters of life insurance place a call to Life Insurance Protect. You will be as pleasantly surprised as was I!"

Amy and Bob Foster

Thank you very much for your services. We are a bit older but wanted to provide for our children and grandchildren. Your expertise and attention to get me and Bob the best life insurance policy at the very best rates was highly appreciated. Your explanation and knowledge was exceptional and I felt like we had made the best decision. Thank you thank you from the entire Foster family!

Stacy Dash - A Mother's Preparation Secures Children's Future

When Stacy Dash's father died at 28 with barely enough life insurance to pay for his funeral, her mother planned to make sure that she had enough coverage for herself to ensure that her children would be fine if something happened to her. Two years later, she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Stacy's mother used her policy's accelerated death benefit provision to finance a home and a car for her children and to fund their future education. Today, Stacy Dash lives an educated and comfortable life because of her mother's' preparation.

Richard and Krissy Carnes - Life Insurance Allows Father to Raise Family

Krissy Carnes ran her own computer consulting business and was responsible for managing most of the day-to-day affairs of her household. When Krissy died at age 48 of breast cancer, she left behind a daughter and four sons along with her husband. Krissy’s life insurance helped pay off debts and half of the mortgage on the family home. It also allowed her husband, Richard to accept a lower-paying job closer to home so he can be with the kids.